Sumerica. Prace sumeroznawcze
Year of publication:1997

Zbiór artykułów w języku angielskim i francuskim o mieście-państwie Uruk, publikowanych wcześniej w renomowanych zagranicznych czasopismach. Autorka zajmuje się najstarszymi tekstami sumeryjskimi.

Krystyna Szarzyńska, Ph.D. in Sumerian Studies at the Oriental Institute of the Warsaw University, has been carrying researches on the oldest inscriptions preserved on the Sumerian clay tablets originating from the end of the IV millenium B.C., mostly from the city of Uruk. The results of these researches permit to understand many pictographic signs, as well as the contents of various documents, and they enlarge our knowledge of the socio-economic life in the archaic Southern Mesopotamia. This book can interest not only specialists, but also a larger group of readers interested in the Near Eastern history of civilization.